Professional Recommendations

As President of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce, I am pleased to recommend Breanna Donofrio. I have known Breanna personally and professionally for many years. Through her non-profit work on the Monterey Peninsula, she has become known for her exemplary administrative and marketing abilities, enthusiastic support for volunteers, effective fundraising, special event coordination and her positive team-oriented attitude.

Breanna was always outgoing and compassionate in her interactions with accommodating volunteer, resident and visitor needs. She effectively managed and coordinated small and large groups of volunteers and entertainers at various events and in different environments; the largest being the Good Old Days Festival. This Chamber fundraiser is the city’s largest community-wide special event and the largest arts and crafts festival in Monterey County, with over 30,000 attendees every year.

When Breanna was promoted to Entertainment Director within her first months working with us, she pioneered creating the first ever Good Old Days Music Festival to enhance the event and draw in more attendees. It was a huge task that required outstanding program coordination and people skills and was a major accomplishment for someone just coming into a new organization. Breanna’s competence and skills in event planning, marketing, her in-depth knowledge of the local area and her many business/community connections were essential to a successful accomplishment of this project. Her creative and proactive approach in organizing major events was clearly evident in the headline-making new music festival.

Breanna’s relationship and coordination efforts with volunteers, business owners, city officials and Board members were outstanding. Her job duties and responsibilities grew to include multiple Chamber events and fundraisers (e.g. Wine, Art and Music Walks, City Fourth of July Celebration, and Christmas at the Inns). She also played a significant role in event coordination for our Holiday Fashion Show fundraiser at The Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach. She procured auction items from local businesses and co-organized the entire event.

Breanna is extremely detail-oriented and organized and was considered a team player by those she worked with. She also works well independently with little or no oversight. She is a self-starter and problem-solver, who is proactive in dealing with problems and conflicts and is effective at anticipating potential issues before they arise.

Breanna demonstrated her excellent communications and social media expertise in utilizing Facebook to assist with community and visitor outreach, publicity and member retention. She contributed to our capitalizing on the use of this new technology platform and had lots of innovative suggestions on how to structure our new website design so it was not only visually appealing, but easy to navigate.

Breanna is an excellent writer with a clear, concise, and engaging writing style. She is strategic in examining demographics and understanding audiences to reach them in the most effective way. She demonstrated her marketing skills by utilizing a focused effort on increased Chamber publicity as the Assistant Editor for our newsletter and Editor for our “Shoreline” page in the Monterey County Herald. Her ease at public speaking, artistic creativity and knowledge of modern media culture were also of great benefit in her working closely with local press via radio, television, print and internet mediums. I always enjoyed working with Breanna and felt confident that her communication skills and outreach style was always an asset to us, including having her represent the Chamber at community events, Chamber functions and business meetings.

Overall, I considered Breanna an extremely valuable resource to the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce and our members. I know her outstanding skills, experience and attitude will provide the same benefits to any organization fortunate enough to engage her services. If you are looking for a non-profit operations professional with exceptional administrative and communications skills, and the drive to excel, I highly recommend Breanna. Please call me if you have any questions about her and/or her contributions to the success of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce.

– Moe Ammar President, Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce


“She has become known for her exemplary administrative and marketing abilities, enthusiastic support for volunteers, effective fundraising, special event coordination and her positive team-oriented attitude.” – Moe Ammar, President, Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce

As the Coordinator of Christian Social Concerns (CSC) and a parishioner of St. Mary’s by-the-Sea in Pacific Grove, I am pleased to recommend Breanna Donofrio. I have had the privilege of working with her professionally and have known her personally for several years. Breanna is the heart of all things that happen at St. Mary’s and she shines in her work with individuals of all backgrounds. Breanna is the primary point of contact for the organization and has a wonderful and respectful way of working with volunteers, staff, church members, outside donors, and the press. Her excellent communication skills, creative marketing expertise, and proactive work ethic have been essential to the ongoing success of our organization.

Breanna has been a vital manager of our volunteers and long-time coordinator of donations. We can always rely on her to successfully take initiative, positively lead our team and manage multiple projects simultaneously with confidence. She is responsible for our social media presence and communicates well in-person, in the media, and all other St. Mary’s public relations.

As the Office Administrator and Manager, Breanna has been central to all of the publications and many communications of our not-for-profit organization. She not only keeps everything and everyone organized with an eye for detail, but she does it with an ease and professionalism that is difficult to match.

Breanna is, by the nature of working at St. Mary’s and the many programs it offers, able to switch rapidly between tasks and keeps up with the fast pace. For the past several years, Breanna became integral to our CSC program, which provides a food pantry, social service advocacy, and emergency financial assistance to clients in need. She has been the face of St. Mary’s to all who walk in the door and manages all communication needs. Breanna is well-spoken and has excellent written communication skills. She works well with others and is respected by parishioners, clients, volunteers, the vestry, and the community.

Breanna is an incredible asset for any organization she works on behalf. Her positive personality and outlook are infectious and her varied skill set make her highly adaptable to many situations. She is dedicated and strives for excellence. She finds solutions to challenging situations. I know her communication, professionalism, and positive attitude will benefit any agency that seeks to employ Breanna. Her experience as a not-for-profit communications/marketing expert, office manager, and volunteer director mixed with her commitment to high standards make her ideal to fit many roles. I highly recommend Breanna. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about her and to the success of St. Mary’s.

– Sarah Schramm, CSC Coordinator, St. Mary’s by-the-Sea


“Breanna is the heart of all things that happen at St. Mary’s and she shines in her work with individuals of all backgrounds.” – Sarah Schramm, St. Mary’s Christian Social Concerns Outreach Program Coordinator

Please accept this as a business and personal referral for Breanna Donofrio. As the Assistant Director for the Carmel Chamber of Commerce, I spent many hours working directly with Breanna who served as the Administrative Assistant for the organization. Breanna handled many of the day-to-day operations of the Chamber as well as working on major fund-raising events with myself and committees on the Taste of Carmel, the Annual Golf Tournament and the Carmel Chamber of Commerce’s Awards of Excellence Gala. Breanna was solely responsible for the Chamber’s trade missions to China with Citslinc Intl. handling travel arrangements for hundreds of travelers.

Breanna was very involved with Chamber members helping them maximize benefits, which resulted in excellent membership retention. She was also instrumental in the Chamber’s successful Visitor Center earning the respect of Visitor Center volunteers and helping thousands of visitors, foreign and domestic.

Breanna’s computer and Internet knowledge led her to develop the Chamber’s social media program by introducing Twitter and Facebook as marketing tools. Breanna is very reliable and hard working. She performed all her duties above and beyond what was expected.

On a personal note, Breanna is a very nice person. She is kind, considerate and respectful of everyone. I would love to work with her in the future. I would not hesitate recommending her for any job, and in fact, I would encourage hiring this talented young woman.

– Gilda Soule, Previous Assistant Director, Carmel Chamber of Commerce


“She is kind, considerate and respectful of everyone. I would love to work with her in the future. I would not hesitate recommending her for any job, and in fact, would encourage hiring this talented young woman.” – Gilda Soule, Previous Assistant Director, Carmel Chamber of Commerce