“Breanna is the heart of all things that happen at St. Mary’s and she shines in her work with individuals of all backgrounds.” – Sarah Schramm, St. Mary’s Christian Social Concerns Outreach Program Coordinator

As the Coordinator of Christian Social Concerns (CSC) and a parishioner of St. Mary’s by-the-Sea in Pacific Grove, I am pleased to recommend Breanna Donofrio. I have had the privilege of working with her professionally and have known her personally for several years. Breanna is the heart of all things that happen at St. Mary’s and she shines in her work with individuals of all backgrounds. Breanna is the primary point of contact for the organization and has a wonderful and respectful way of working with volunteers, staff, church members, outside donors, and the press. Her excellent communication skills, creative marketing expertise, and proactive work ethic have been essential to the ongoing success of our organization.

Breanna has been a vital manager of our volunteers and long-time coordinator of donations. We can always rely on her to successfully take initiative, positively lead our team and manage multiple projects simultaneously with confidence. She is responsible for our social media presence and communicates well in-person, in the media, and all other St. Mary’s public relations.

As the Office Administrator and Manager, Breanna has been central to all of the publications and many communications of our not-for-profit organization. She not only keeps everything and everyone organized with an eye for detail, but she does it with an ease and professionalism that is difficult to match.

Breanna is, by the nature of working at St. Mary’s and the many programs it offers, able to switch rapidly between tasks and keeps up with the fast pace. For the past several years, Breanna became integral to our CSC program, which provides a food pantry, social service advocacy, and emergency financial assistance to clients in need. She has been the face of St. Mary’s to all who walk in the door and manages all communication needs. Breanna is well-spoken and has excellent written communication skills. She works well with others and is respected by parishioners, clients, volunteers, the vestry, and the community.

Breanna is an incredible asset for any organization she works on behalf. Her positive personality and outlook are infectious and her varied skill set make her highly adaptable to many situations. She is dedicated and strives for excellence. She finds solutions to challenging situations. I know her communication, professionalism, and positive attitude will benefit any agency that seeks to employ Breanna. Her experience as a not-for-profit communications/marketing expert, office manager, and volunteer director mixed with her commitment to high standards make her ideal to fit many roles. I highly recommend Breanna. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about her and to the success of St. Mary’s.

– Sarah Schramm, CSC Coordinator, St. Mary’s by-the-Sea